About Crown Building Envelope

Invest in Crown to Protect Your Investment

At Crown BEC, we understand the challenges faced in today’s fast-paced, deadline-driven construction environment. Ensuring the integrity of the building envelope takes a high degree of vigilance, as construction flaws compromise not only the building’s protective barrier, but its valuable contents. Crown seeks to protect your investment by being the watchful eye throughout the design and construction process.

Our firm brings 15 years industry experience in Architecture, Construction Administration and Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting.  We operate nationwide out of our Atlanta office, offering Building Envelope Consulting, Design Reviews, Building Condition Assessments, and Architectural services. We take great pride in being accurate, practical, responsive and easy to work with.

With Crown Building Envelope Consultants, you can expect extensive industry knowledge, great value and an engaging experience. We mitigate building enclosure risk by evaluating each design and construction phase against industry approved practices. At the same time, we bridge the communication gap between trades and professions which promotes accountability and follow-through. At Crown, we believe in going above and beyond to provide your team the resources and information needed to execute quality and compliant building enclosure systems.

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Government Certifications

DUNS Number: 079441431
CAGE Number: 75RE6


236116   New Multifamily Housing Construction
(Except Operative Builders)

236220   Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Building Construction

541310   Architectural Services

541330   Engineering Services

541350   Building Inspection Services

541690   Other Scientific and Technical
Consulting Services


90607   Architect Services, Professional

90633   Forensic - Architectural

91815   Architectural Consulting

91831   Construction Consulting

91891   Roofing Consultant