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Building Condition Assessments

Our team assesses building enclosure components, followed by a report detailing the existing conditions and remedial action required. The report highlights any building envelope code deficiencies and deviations from industry accepted installation. Our recommendations for system upgrades are included, along with a basic financial estimate of our recommendations.

This service is particularly useful for Co-op Boards, HOA's, Property Managers, and REIT’s, to use towards their overall financial planning and due dilligence. This is also important documentation to have when purchasing a building or negotiating a lease of a space.

Contract Document Review

We review architectural contract documents for building envelope code compliance, constructability, design quality, and value. We assist owners and architects with envelope assembly selection by assessing the risk and cost-benefit analysis of various systems.  We also review corporate design standards and lease packages, collaborating to establish system performance requirements, and we provide axonometric stand-alone envelope detailing.


Our core strength is listening to our clients.  We incorporate their aesthetic, functional and budgetary requirements, satisfying those needs from conception to completion.  Specializing in both new construction and building rehabilitation/renovation, we strive to provide the best service in the industry.  Whether using our services for roof replacement documents, building enclosure design narratives and specifications, or assistance with corporate design guidelines, our clients attest that the experience of working with us is a positive one. 

Registered in Georgia, Florida, and Arizona.

Construction Administration

We monitor the construction phase by facilitating project communication, maintaining project records, reviewing and certifying amounts due contractors, and preparing change orders. We are available to continue failed or stalled projects to ensure workmanship quality and proper adherence to manufacturers’ guidelines.  Construction Administration services include:

  • Bidding our design to qualified contractors
  • Present comparable bids to the client for accurate comparisons
  • Respond to contractor’s Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Contractor’s shop drawing and submittal reviews
  • Site meetings and site reviews for quality assurance
  • Field performance testing for air and water leakage
  • Produce punch-list reports to ensure contractor’s quality of workmanship